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• NSS Technology Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2011 by first generation entrepreneurs with a mission to provide customized, end- to-end hiring solutions to organizations. We also work with job seekers and young professionals in improving their skills to achieve higher career objectives.

• Since its inception, NSS Technology has empowered several clients through Employment, Education and Training & Development, and helped them create a niche in volatile markets. Leveraging on our unique strengths of accuracy, expertise and experience, we offer an integrated services portfolio that enables you efficiently and costeffectively to attain your corporate goals.

• Our ability to manage multiple projects with a customized-solutions approach has helped us sustain continuity with our valued customers. Our expertise in identifying the right skill sets for your specific requirements reduces the overall operational costs and time, and increases the ROI and time-to-market of your HR functions, thus giving you a competitive edge.

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Our company conduct conference at various levels like :
• Corporate relationship conference
• Admission conference
• Promotional conference
• Advertisement conferences

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